Vortex 4 Sleeveless (Men)


XTERRA’s most popular sleeveless wetsuit offering the perfect combination of price, performance, flexibility and durability. It is ideal for athletes who want an all-around wetsuit to use while training and racing.

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  • The Vortex 4 Sleeveless (Men) – Sleeveless design allows for a more natural feel in the water, reducing drag and increasing freedom of movement
  • Lower-profile collar adds comfort and increased durability to ensure that the suit will stay intact and in place
  • X-MAX Seam-Seal technology uses a triple layer of glue and double-blind stitching to ensure long-lasting waterproof seams


  • FRONT: 5.0 mm-thick neoprene from neck to ankles
  • BACK: 3 mm Super GKA neoprene


  • The Vortex 4 Sleeveless (Men) – Fully coated with X-SLICE Composite Skin Coating to reduce drag and friction
  • High-quality X-FLEX liner lines the entire interior of the suit, allowing the wetsuit to stretch in all four directions and return to its original shape (most mid-level wetsuits only use a high quality liner in the arms)


  • Yellow X logo on the chest
  • White X logo on the inside torso lining
  • Padded arm openings fit closely to the body
  • Fully adjustable Velcro neck closure
  • 2” zipper protector flap inside the suit
  • Sturdy zipper + 30” lanyard with 1” Velcro patch for versatile fastening