Vivid (Women)


The 2017 Vivid Fullsuit is the fastest, most flexible wetsuit for the money. The all-new Vivid Fullsuit comes from a long pedigree of comfort and speed in the water. The arms are 1.5 mm thin for maximum flexibility and reduction in arm fatigue.

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The Vivid (women) legs are a “capri” cut so that the wetsuit is easy to put on and super-easy to remove. Ideal for open water swims where flexibility in arms and shoulders is needed. Wear this suit for quick transitions.

The bright-green arms are designed so that you are visible in the water.


  • Front: 3.0mm thick neoprene from neck to ankles
  • Back: 2mm thick neoprene
  • Arms / Shoulders: 1.5mm GKA neoprene


  • Low-Profile Collar:
  • The Vivid (women) wetsuit adds comfort and increased durability, ensuring that the suit stays intact and in place.
  • X-MAX Seam-Seal Technology:
  • Uses a triple layer of glue and double-blind stitching to ensure long-lasting waterproof seams.