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Swim safe and smart this year in the open water with the Xterra Swim Buoy. Whether you are swimming alone or with a group, the XTERRA High-Vis SWIM BUOY will help keep you visible in the water.

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VISIBILITY – This is the first swim buoy in the World that has dual colours (top is orange, bottom is pink) to provide additional contrast in the water for higher visibility. The bright colours will make you more noticeable to boaters, paddleboarders, jet skiers and other swimmers.

LIGHTWEIGHT – If you’ve ever travelled to a foreign place, decided to take a swim offshore, and then been buzzed by a boater who simply wasn’t on the look-out for swimmers? Well, you definitely need an XTERRA swim buoy. Your buoy is so light that you can keep it stashed in the bottom of your swim kit. When travelling to foreign places, if you need to go for a quick swim in foreign waters you’ll be more visible.

MONITOR FROM ASHORE – Your friends and family can track you out in the water by sight, or even add a GPS device for tracking as well.

Not a PFD – It’s not a personal floatation device (PFD). Please be smart when swimming, especially if you may be swimming outside your ability or comfort-zone.

Take it with you on all your open water adventures to alert boats and other watercraft of your location. Stuff any items you want to take with you inside the swim buoy and they will stay dry. Just strap the safety product around your waist and set off on your ocean excursion with peace of mind.


Dimensions (24″ x 10″)
Capacity: 15L
Color: Orange / Pink

Your swim buoy comes with a dry pocket for storing your wallet or keys. Please don’t put electronic devices in it because we can’t guarantee they won’t get wet! We suggest that you use a waterproof case.

This is not a floatation device. Always swim with a buddy. Know your surroundings. Don’t swim outside your ability.