LED X-Vest


MAXIMUM COMFORT & VISIBILITY – The X-Vest is the first reflective running and cycling vest that is comfortable to wear and truly visible. The water-resistant LED X-Vest fits snug on your back while you get active under the night sky. It has 1000 meters of visible distance with a full 360 degrees of reflectivity. Includes 2 pockets to hold your phone or keys.
LIGHTWEIGHT & VERSATILE – Xterra reflective gear is comfortable, lightweight, and highly visible. Now, you can feel safe with our reflective vest when running, walking your dog or biking in the early morning or at night.
BREATHABLE TECHNOLOGY – The Hi-Viz X-Vest has breathable technology for better fitness and maximum comfort and the “X” shape is designed to retain and allow full body motion. It is adjustable and easy to put on and take off.
MACHINE WASHABLE – Our reflective vest is machine washable (just remove the battery pack) and features an initiative pre-safe warning feature, anti-shock neoprene material for better protection for your smartphone applied with eco-friendly and recycled lycra, and 3-way lighting options continuous, pulse, or flashing light. Includes 2032 3V battery.


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