At XTERRA WETSUITS, we are committed to peak performance in the water, with our products, and in our customer service. Since 2001, we have been dedicated to (some might say obsessed over) creating an exceptional experience for every customer. Great customer service is not just a goal – it’s a passion.
Here are just a few of our customer satisfaction highlights:
30-day size and/or model exchange program
30-day price guarantee (find a better price for one of our suits, we will refund the difference)
We sell direct to triathletes to ensure a higher performing suit at a lower cost.
2-year warranty against manufacturing defects
XTERRA WETSUITS is the only triathlon wetsuit company that only sells direct to triathletes. Unlike many of our competitors who are based overseas with US distributors selling through multiple channels, we provide you with direct access to the actual owners of the company and a great on-site sales staff. This means you get twice the value with a better wetsuit at a much lower price.

XTERRA WETSUITS is known for providing the world’s fastest and most flexible wetsuits! XTERRA Wetsuits are designed and engineered to improve your open water swimming ability. Our research and design team has perfected all aspects of the triathlon wetsuit: XTERRA WETSUITS are designed for maximum buoyancy, flexibility, and speed while supporting the swimmer’s body in the correct horizontal swimming position.

XTERRA WETSUITS only sells direct to triathletes in order to offer better prices and value on high quality wetsuits. Our commitment to customer service, correct size guarantee, and flexible return policy make buying a XTERRA Wetsuit online an easy and hassle-free experience.

XTERRA WETSUITS offers a 30-day return policy in which customers are encouraged to swim in their wetsuit before making a final purchase decision. This allows customers to test their wetsuit and ensure a perfect fit.

XTERRA WETSUITS is committed to providing the appropriate wetsuit for your wants and needs. Our fullsuit vs. sleeveless comparison page will help you determine which suit fits your needs. Weighing price and performance will provide you with the optimal wetsuit for your wants and needs.
To briefly summarize our models:
Our Volt model offers swimmers and triathletes an affordable entry-level wetsuit.
The Vortex model is our most popular wetsuit. The suit offers excellent buoyancy. It is 2mm thicker than the Volt, yet is still reasonably priced. Excellent for beginner triathletes who plan on competing more in the future.
Our Vector Pro model provides true performance on race day and is designed for optimum speed and flexibility. Made with an anatomical arm design, this suit offers additional flexibility in the arms and shoulders. Designed for athletes who are mid-range and looking to improve their times.
The result of years of design and research, our Vendetta Fullsuits are our most technologically advanced wetsuits. Offering X-Air Buoyancy cells in the front panel providing increased buoyancy. This suit is perfect for people wanting to finish fastest!

XTERRA WETSUITS offers a 30-day size exchange program in which you are encouraged to swim in your wetsuit before making a final purchase decision. Please note that triathlon-specific wetsuits are designed to fit snugly. The wetsuit will expand approximately half of a size once you get into the water with it on.
Here are a few tips to assist you in selecting the proper size:
Please refer to our size chart
IMPORTANT: Please Read Tips for Sizing:
1. Subtract 2 inches from your height if you have a short torso and longer legs
2. Add 2 inches to your height if you have long torso and shorter legs
3. Add 7 pounds to your weight if you have a larger chest and/or shoulders
4. Women Specifically, if your bra is a C cup and above please up 1 size.

Do you fall on the border between sizes? Follow our recommendations:

1. Size into the Larger suit if any of the following is true:
a. You have broader shoulders
b. You have a large chest
c. You have a disproportionately bigger/stronger on the upper/lower body
2. Size into the Smaller wetsuit if any of the following in true:
a. You prefer a race fit and are comfortable with a snug-fitting wetsuit
b. You realistically plan on losing weight in the near future

IMPORTANT: Please Read For Speedsuit Sizing:

For Speedsuit sizing please add 1-2 sizes after following the regular wetsuit sizing tips and chart, especially if you plan on wearing a tri-kit under the speedsuit.
If you are a female over 5’8”, we generally recommend that you size into a men’s wetsuit ONLY if you are ordering a fullsuit.
Note: If you’re ordering a sleeveless wetsuit, please order a women’s wetsuit. Men’s sleeveless wetsuits are cut lower in the armpits than women’s wetsuits, so it will not fit a woman as well as a men’s full sleeve wetsuit would. Please refer to our Size Selector and our size chart for complete sizing information.

Orders you place with us enter the shipping process very quickly so we can get your items to you as soon as possible. Once an order has been placed, it cannot be cancelled or modified so it is important to make sure your order is 100% correct when you place it!

We at XTERRA WETSUITS want to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. If the wetsuit doesn’t offer you a perfect fit, we will happily accept a return or exchange within 30 days of receipt of the order.
Please note, we cannot accept a return or exchange if:

It has been more than 30 days since the suit was purchased.
The wetsuit is damaged or permanently altered in any way.
The suit has been written in. (We cannot accept wetsuits for a return/exchange that have the owner’s name written on the back flap).

For full details and instructions for returning or exchanging your suit, please see the Returns and Exchanges section of our website.

XTERRA WETSUITS are warranted against any manufacturing and material defects for two years from the date of purchase.
Damage covered under warranty:

Seam tears or separations
Stitching tears or separations
Gluing defects

Damage not covered under warranty:

Neoprene tears caused by human hands
Melting due to sun or heat exposure
Heel tears (tears caused by forcefully putting on or taking your suit off to the extent that your heel, finger, or anything else punctures the suit)
Damaged caused by chlorine (degradation of the gluing in the suit is the most common chlorine-caused damage)
Tears due to exposure to sharp objects (i.e. rocks, reef, etc.).
General rubber tears not on the seam
Damage caused by improper repairs
Other damage unrelated to the seams, stitching, or glue
– For full details on our 2-Year Warranty and instructions on how to file a warranty claim, please see our Warranty page.

XTERRA WETSUITS are warranted against any manufacturing and material defects for two years from the date of purchase.
XTERRA WETSUITS accepts the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover. Your credit card will be charged when you place your order. If you are shipping to an address in the state of California, you will be charged sales tax accordingly.

XTERRA WETSUITS ships all domestic and international orders via FedEx. Please note: signature is never required for any of our shipments. You can contact FedEx once the item has shipped to request signature or for your package to be held at your local distribution center.

Provided that your entire order is in stock, your order will be shipped the next business day (Monday through Friday) following the day you place your order. If you are shipping your order to Canada, it will ship within a week, and you will receive it within 3 to 4 days after it ships. If you are shipping your order outside of the U.S. and Canada, your order will ship two business days after you place your order.

If any of your items are on back order, you can request to split your order and have the in stock items sent immediately while the remaining back ordered items will ship once they are in stock.

As soon as your order ships, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number from FedEx which will enable you to track your package online. All shipping options (Ground, Express Saver, 2 Day, and Standard, Priority, and First Overnight) will be delivered Monday through Friday.

We are unable to guarantee an exact delivery date for international orders. When your order ships, you will receive a tracking number from FedEx which will enable you to track your package online.

Rental wetsuits ship differently than regular orders. For full details on rental orders, please see the Rental FAQ’s section.

As sanctioning bodies have recently changed regulations, there have been a few minor legality changes in regards to XTERRA Wetsuits:
All XTERRA Wetsuits have been legal and will remain legal under WTC and USAT regulations.
The Velocity M speedsuit remains legal under WTC, USAT and ITU regulations.
WTC (Ironman and Ironman 70.3) recently changed their speedsuit regulations, so our Velocity 0.02 and Velocity ++ are no longer legal in WTC sanctioned events with water temperatures over 76 degrees.
Please refer to our Wetsuit and Speedsuit Rules section for more information.

XTERRA WETSUITS offers full sleeve and sleeveless wetsuits for rental. All rental orders must be placed under our Rentals section on our website.
Here are some advantages to renting a wetsuit from XTERRA WETSUITS:
Receive the most flexible and fastest triathlon wetsuit on the market.
Excellent customer service and knowledgeable sales staff.
Rental fee can be applied to the purchase of that rental suit.
Pay just $49 for a full or sleeveless suit and receive free ground shipping.
Extended rental periods are available for $15/week.
99% correct fit rate.
If you think you will wear your wetsuit more than once, it is highly recommended that you purchase a new XTERRA Wetsuit. You can purchase a new Volt wetsuit for only $200, which is just $150 more than renting a wetsuit, and the cost is justified after wearing the suit four times.

XTERRA WETSUITS now sells used fullsuits and sleeveless suits under the Clearance section of our website.

Your best reference is our Sizing and Fitting information. Here are a few tips to achieve a proper fit with your wetsuit:
Begin by putting your wetsuit on at your ankles. Work the material up in each leg of the suit towards the crotch starting at each ankle.
Once the wetsuit is all the way up (there isn’t a gap between your body and the wetsuit at your waist), begin putting your arms in the sleeves (full suit) or your arms through the arm holes (sleeveless).
Adjust the arms by working any extra material beginning at the wrists up into your shoulders. There shouldn’t be any air pockets (gaps between your wetsuit and your armpit) in either armpit of the suit; this can be checked by feeling under your armpit to determine whether or not the suit is flush against your skin. If there are any air pockets, you must work more of the arm material into your shoulder starting from your wrist.
*Important* Have a second person help you zip your wetsuit. Ensure the interior zipper flap is flush against your back. One hand should always grasp the base of the zipper while the second hand zips your wetsuit up.
Once your wetsuit is zipped up, bend over 90 degrees and pull the ripples near your stomach out away from your body. Work the ripples up from there into your shoulders to increase comfort in your shoulder and neck area.
If you feel pressure at the front of your neck, repeat step #5 on the back of your wetsuit to alleviate any lingering pressure (until you get into the water, it may still feel a little tight).

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:
Ensure that your wetsuit is on properly, and that it is fully adjusted before swimming in it.
If the sizing is correct but there is tightness in the neck, a few minor adjustments can alleviate this. Click here for more information.
Your wetsuit will expand roughly half of a size as soon as you get into the water with it on, so take it for a test swim before deciding that it is not the right fit for you.
It can take some time to adjust to a wetsuit, especially if you have never worn or swam in one before. Swim in your wetsuit a few times before making a final decision.

For any further questions about fitting, please see our Sizing and Fitting page.

Before making any judgments about the sizing of your wetsuit, please be sure to reference our User Guide along with our Sizing and Fitting information. If you have the opportunity to swim in your wetsuit, it’s highly advised before making any final decisions about the sizing of your wetsuit. We offer a 30-day trial period in which we encourage you to swim in your wetsuit to ensure that you are properly fitted. Keep in mind that your wetsuit will expand approximately half of a size as soon as you get into the water.
Here are a few indications that your wetsuit is too small:
You are unable to get your wetsuit all the way up in the crotch or neck (please note that putting on a wetsuit isn’t always an easy task, so don’t get frustrated or discouraged if it takes you a few minutes to put it on – this is completely normal).
You feel that your breathing is restricted (this is a common feeling if you’ve never swam in a wetsuit before, but there’s a fine line of needing to get used to the suit and having your breathing restricted); if you can’t take a deep breath without struggling, it is likely too small or needs adjustment.
If the wetsuit pulls tight in the crotch and shoulders when the suit is on and fully zipped up, it is likely too short in the torso. It will feel like the suit is pulling down on your shoulders and up in the crotch – it’s noticeably uncomfortable.
Here are a few indications that your wetsuit is too big:
The wetsuit has excess buckles of material (the most common places for these are in the stomach, legs, back, and under the arms).
The wetsuit feels loose, not snug, on dry land (remember the suit is only going to get bigger once you’re in the water).
There is a gap between your lower back and the base of the zipper; a second person can easily pull the suit away from your body creating a noticeable gap.

Believe it or not, your wetsuit will be much easier to remove than it was to put on, especially if you remove it right after swimming in it.
While you might find yourself in T1 racing to get your wetsuit off, it is important to keep in mind the following suggestions to avoid damaging your suit:
First, reach behind you and peel back the velcro flap at the top of the zipper.
Grab the leash of your wetsuit and pull straight down (avoid pulling outwards from your body because this can cause additional stress to the zipper and wetsuit).
Pull one arm out of your wetsuit allowing your wetsuit to naturally come off inside out.
Then pull your other arm out (if you have a sleeveless suit, remove your arms one at a time from the wetsuit).
Continue to remove your wetsuit inside out sliding it over your hips and down your legs.
Gently step out of your wetsuit, one leg at a time, (DO NOT step on your wetsuit with your leg to free your other leg – this can cause damage to your wetsuit) and use your hands to guide each foot through your wetsuit.
It is somewhat normal to have difficulty pulling the suit over your hands and feet. For tips to alleviate this, please see our Sizing and Fitting page.

You can find complete care instructions for your wetsuit on our User Guide. Here are some basic care tips to follow:
XTERRA Wetsuits can be used in all open water conditions. The use of your XTERRA Wetsuit in a chlorinated swimming pool is discouraged as it voids the warranty.
Avoid excess heat, sunlight exposure, sharp objects, and unnecessary folding.
Rinse thoroughly with fresh water after each use; hang to dry inside out on a fat hanger (fold your wetsuit over the hanger like a pair of pants; do not hang your wetsuit like a shirt – this causes excess wear and tear on the shoulders of the wetsuit).
If necessary, your wetsuit can be washed by hand with a wetsuit specific shampoo. Do not dry your wetsuit in a dryer or in the sun.
Store in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight.

XTERRA WETSUITS does not recommend swimming in a chlorinated pool with your wetsuit. In fact, swimming in a chlorinated pool with your wetsuit can void the warranty and return/exchange policy. Chlorine accelerates the deterioration of the gluing on wetsuits. If the pool is salt water, not chlorine, then jump in with your wetsuit on!
Normally we do not recommend the use of our wetsuits in chlorinated pools, however, if extenuating circumstances offer no alterative (i.e. winter weather), then one brief swim is permitted under the 2 year warranty. To avoid chlorine damage to your wetsuit, we suggest that you limit your time in the pool to around 5 minutes and rinse the suit thoroughly with fresh water immediately afterwards.

XTERRA WETSUITS are designed as high performance triathlon wetsuits. Triathlon-specific wetsuits are delicate. Fingernail and other minor tears from sharp objects are NOT a manufacturing defect. Minor tears like this will not affect the performance or integrity of the wetsuit whatsoever if it has been repaired correctly. Complete repair instructions and contact information for our repair company can be found by clicking here.

The deposit is kept just in case the suit is kept longer than the time alloted for a rental. If the suit is returned on time, your deposit will be returned to you. If your suit is returned late, your deposit will be refunded to store credit. If you would like to keep your rental suit, you keep the suit, we keep the deposit and the suit is yours!

The last day you can place an order for a rental wetsuit is the Friday a week before your race weekend. The rental includes Ground shipping (3-5 business days), therefore You MUST upgrade to 2-Day or Overnight shipping to guarantee delivery on time. We cannot guarantee availability if you order at this late date. We will contact you immediately if we do not have your suit.

Your rental wetsuit will ship to you two Wednesdays before your race weekend. If it is the Friday a week before your event weekend, you must choose FedEx 2-Day or Overnight as a shipping option.

FedEx ground shipping is included in your $49 rental fee. You may also select 2nd Day and Overnight. There will be additional charges if expedited shipping is chosen.

Our 2014 rental fleet consists of Vortex 3 / Vector Pro full suits and Volt / Vortex 3 sleeveless suits. These suits are primarily 2012 models. Occasionally, due to inventory flow and large rental volume, we will need to make substitutions, but we will always provide you with the best possible suit we have at hand. A certain wetsuit model cannot be guaranteed, nor can we honor requests for specific models.

Please refer to our sizing chart. A great deal of research has gone into our sizing chart and it is 99% accurate, however we cannot guarantee any fits. Still have questions? Call XTERRA WETSUITS customer service at 858.565.9500.

Ultimately, you are responsible for the size that you choose. We cannot make any size exchanges on rentals. The size you have been shipped will be the final size. If you are unsure about the fit after receiving the wetsuit, please read our fit guide (What Size Am I? section).

Minor stress tear and wear on a rental wetsuit is normal and expected. You will not be assessed any damage fees unless there is serious and/or intentional damage to the wetsuit.

Your rental wetsuit package includes a FedEx Ground pre-paid return label (3-5 business days). If we have not received your wetsuit rental within 30 days of your delivery date, we will assume you want to keep your rental suit and your security deposit will cover the additional cost of keeping the rental suit.

The deposit you paid up front acts as your purchase fee. If you return your suit on time, your deposit will be refunded. If you keep your suit, we keep your deposit and that’s all there is to it!

Unfortunately, we can only ship rentals to addresses within the United States.